Monday, 25 June 2012

Forge Father Iron Ancestor

I am Iron Man … cestor …

If you’ve been keeping tabs on Warpath 2.0, you may’ve spotted Ronnie and Alessio teasing you with a mysterious squat bot. This is the Forge Father Iron Ancestor, Ninjabread's Curis painted at Golem.
This robot is on a 60mm base – which were built up with steps. These were made from a spare Mantic warmachine base cut into segements and stacked on top of each other. The edge was filled in with Liquid Green Stuff and filed smooth and flat.
Curis mocked up the colour scheme in Photoshop, at first trying a light blue with gold beard to match the rest of the studio army (specifically their Stormrage Veterans). It’s really good fun playing with schemes before you commit to anything with acrylics – you get to repaint sections in an instant. You never want to paint any area twice with miniatures – it can clog up the detail, and also time is money.

Early draft Iron Ancestor colour scheme
Armour plates are blue in the studio Forge Father range. This tempts the unwary painter to paint the entire Iron Ancestor blue – it’s all armour plates. Hoewever, the blues on the infantry are balanced against a neutral colour underall or combat fatigues. So Curis also picked out plates in grey. After all – it was the IRON Ancestor.
We're really chuffed with the result. Curis’ll be picking up a couple for his Furnace Valley Forge Father army (expect photos soon).

Gruebot from BoLS commented it looked like Ram Man (the human battering ram!) from the Masters of the Universe. If it was spotted that earlier it may’ve been mocked up in Photoshop too.
This beauty will be available in August along with the other Forge Father releases. You can pre-order these stonking deals here.

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