Monday, 11 February 2013

Golem's 2 Day Army Painting Workshop Part 1

At the Golem Army Painting Workshop weekend you will learn the skills and techniques used by a professional studio to:
  • Save you time
  • Create cohesion and visual impact across an army
  • Approach painting larger groups of models with the right mind set
...all of which will make your army look awesome on the table top!

What do I need to bring for the weekend?

Miniatures: Obviously you will need to bring something to paint! This could be an entire force or a few units that you might like to focus on. These models should be built in advance of the event so that we can get straight into the good stuff! It would also be a great idea to bring along some of your existing paint jobs so that we can assess what will be the best way to help you along.

Brushes: We find that most painters have their preferred brush types, so bring something you feel comfortable using. For army painting we would suggest always using a good brush, but we personally like to save our best ones (like Series 7s) for characters.

Brush suggestions: For really good yet cheap brushes, you can't go wrong with Rosemary & Co. Series 33 brushes. A size 2 or 3 and a size 0 or 1 will give you enough variety in size. I would also suggest a large flat headed brush like the Citadel Large Flat Drybrush for larger areas.

Paints: Paints will be provided on the day. However if you have a specific colour scheme in mind using a particular paint range, it would be a good idea to bring these paints along with you.

Notebook: It would be a good idea to bring something along to write down what you are being taught so that you can reflect back upon it at a later date. A camera might be useful for the same reason

We will provide...

Paints: We have a large selection of Citadel paints in the studio which you will be able to make use of.

Lunch (both days): We will provide a selection of food and soft drinks. Tea and Coffee will also be available throughout both days.

But where are you?

We're only 10 minutes walk away from Manchester Piccadilly Train Station, 5 minutes walk from the Ibis Budget Hotel and we have free parking on site.

Golem Painting Studio
5th Floor, Hope Mill
113 Pollard Street
M4 7JA

If you want to contact us to secure your place or if you have any questions, then don't hesitate to email at:

Friday, 1 February 2013

Mass Effect Infinity Yu Jing

Following on from my Orange Combined Army, I've been given some Yu Jing to paint. The client asked for a "a dark glossy red and blue colour scheme", similar to this chappy from Mass Effect 2.

infinity by Golem Painting Studio 
It looked a lot like Optimus Prime when I came to blocking out the base coats.

infinity by Golem Painting Studio 
But when it was shaded down really came together for test piece. 

infinity by Golem Painting Studio 

Here's the SÙ-JIÀN Immediate Action Unit, skimpering through the bushy undergrowth. I really like the bots in this scheme.

 infinity by Golem Painting Studio 

Slightly fiddly model, considering it's metal, and reared up on one toe. No room for pinning legs. Luckily I have a secret glue formula that means this is rock solid.

infinity by Golem Painting Studio 
Here's the whole lot. I like their glowy eyes.

infinity by Golem Painting Studio 
And the whole force, defending some shelled out buildings. Pow pow.

infinity by Golem Painting Studio 

Chris "Curis" Webb