Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Empire State Troops

We've been working on a couple of units of Empire state troops at the Studio recently.  We couldn't resist photographing them on the Studio's terrain (modelled by Mark Elsdon of Warpath scenery fame).

We have a regiment of Nuln Handgunners painted by Chris Webb.  These are based on the Forge World Ironsides Conversion set, and feature a subtle wood effect on the handguns themself.
Secondly a regiment of Averland Halberdiers painted by Thomas Moore.  Thom did the banner freehand like some sort of acrylic sorcerer.  Talented fella.  They also use Forge World pieces from Manann's Blades conversion set, mixed with some classic metal Empire command figures.

Here's Gary Connell holding up the sky for out photos, like the mighty Atlas he is.

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