Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Divided Loyalties

Recently the studio has been rent asunder! Some of us have become black hearted devotees of Chaos, whilst others seek to uphold the Emperor's divine light.

Basically we've been getting lots of Chaos and Grey Knights commissions; hurrah!

First up, have a look at Luke's Bloodletter commission:

"I've never painted any Daemons before, being a staunch imperialist, and so I had to adjust my painting style. I lit my desk with a guttering candle of unclean tallow, set atop a polished skull...

In all seriousness though, daemons do require quite a different approach, with all that bare flesh. I painted some sinew and muscle tone onto key areas to make them more three dimensional. I also spent a long time on the swords, as these are key focal point."

Next up are Mark's Grey Knights:

"The client had some definite aesthetic ideas he was looking to incorporate into this force. The silver was to be of a much darker hue than is typically seen on GKs, and the helmets and tilt plates a striking split red and white scheme.

I also used a alternating blue/white blend on the force weapons to give them real visual impact"

Both armies were mounted up on custom resin bases featuring a plethora of skulls, so it seemed rude not to set them up in some dynamic action scenes!

Skulltaker leads his deamonic minions in an assault on the Chapel of Sanctuary. Kaldor Draigo will not let this stand!

A clash of steel! The savage hordes of the Skull God launch themselves wildly into the Grey Knight battleline
 Cheers folks, til next time :)

Luke Jordan and Mark Elsdon

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