Thursday, 17 January 2013

Painting Armies the Golem Way - Part 1

Armies make up a big proportion of the projects we work on at Golem Towers, and we get a lot of questions and comments about how we go about undertaking such a task.

I've recently completed a Wood Elf Army and thought it would offer the perfect opportunity to show some of the stages we go through to keep things quick, neat and looking great on the table!

Here's a stage by stage look at how I approached a Glade Guard Archer for this army.

Stage 1: The model is assembled and flashed, and has sand glued to the base. It's then primed  grey.
 Note that the cloak is kept separate.

Stage 2: Airbrushing complete; The boots, bow and base are all basecoated  with the same shade of brown which saves a lot of time. The cloak and hood have had a basecoat and highlight applied with the airbrush.

Stage 3: Basecoat brushwork complete

Stage 4: Washes applied; care is taken at this stage not to run into the cloak or hood.

Stage 5: Line Highlighting complete. This really helps define the surfaces and folds. The base is also drybrushed. All that remains now is some small detail areas and the basing...

The Tyrolien Oak Guard on patrol at the borders of Lorien. 
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Thanks folks, more army goodness to come soon...

Mark Elsdon


  1. SO how many highlights do you do for those of us too poor to get to the UK?

    Is it one highlight but applied as 3-4 layers or 2-3 highlights of increased lightness>?

    Beautiful work makes me want to collect Asrai again.

  2. Hey Minitrol. There are 2 stages of highlights on this mini. One with an airbrush to give a smooth blend to the cloak and hood and one is the edge highlighting.


    Thomas Moore