Thursday, 10 January 2013

Going Coastal!

Wargaming is an open an varied beast with a huge range of topics, environments, scales, and settings and my personal favourites have always been small scale wargames depicting massive epic engagements, with a special fondness for fleet based games and the extra tactical dimension they add with limited manoeuvrability which forces forward thinking.

From my early days of GZGs Full Thrust and Games Workshops Man'o'War fleet engagements have always captured my imagination and heart, which eventually led through the void of around 10 years without any major company making such a game to Spartan Games. Spartan now produces 3 such fleet based games, and a whole host of exceptional minis to go with them.

The Russian fleet advances through the Baltic just off the Polish coast.

Destopian Wars is by far in my opinion the most enchanting of these games, set in a rich Victorian Sci-Fi setting it offers many weird and wonderful steam powered war machines and a whole batch of different painting techniques and styles to match.

The Russian fleet is an extra challenge in itself with white as its main colour, which I generally try to avoid when possible, especially when using a more realistic, non-cartoony painting style as it is all too easy to mess up.

Borodino class battleship
Suvorov class cruisers

Novgorod class frigate
Myshkin Bombers
Tiny flyer tokens

So there we have the Russian starter box all painted up in the default colour scheme in all its glory! Watching this space for more bits and pieces from Spartan. 

A chance encounter with the 3rd Prussian fleet escalates into a bloody battle.

 Thats all from me for now! Hope you enjoy the boaty goodness.


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  1. Very nice work.
    Cant wait to see what other Spartan bits you have been working on.