Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Chaos on the Gridiron

An interesting challenge hit my workbench recently, in the form of a request to create a totally unique Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl team.

I knew I had to start with Forge World's Infernal Guard; these guys could have been designed for Fantasy Football. A few weapon snips and the core of the team were ready for action:

The Hashut Ironfist Blockers prepare to cage up...
 For the Hobgoblins,  I opted for Greebo's lovely Volmarians, which have plenty of character. Check the Scrooge gloves!

Here come the hobnobs! One of them may even manage to get the ball, eventually.
Next up were the Bull Centaurs. I knew I wanted to use the Infernal Guard for the torsos, but needed suitable bull bodies to complete them. Eventually I settled on Mantic's excellent Half Breeds, which had the advantages of being plastic, and therefore very easy to convert, and also a very good size match. A bit of greenstuffing to create belly guards and rebuild the beards, and these guys were ready to rumble. I was particularly pleased with how the chainmail on the Hthark the Unstoppable came out, as it's something I've never felt quite comfortable sculpting previously.

Hthark the Unstoppable leads the Bull Centaur blitz.
All that was left after that were a couple more stars. Zzharg Madeye was made from another Infernal Guard, with the additional of a Blunderbuss made from a swivel gun from a GW scenery set, modified with plasticard to look appropriately meaty:

Reloaded and ready for a drive. Just the one mind.
Last but not least, Rashnak Backstabber was created with the simple addition of a Skaven sword to represent his poisoned dagger.

So that's those guys put to bed and ready for some competition! I need to make them a display plinth, so I'll pop a full team picture up once that's completed.

For now, keep your balls safe and mind them dirty players.

Mark E


  1. Love them - am tempted to pick up some of the forgeworld ones to build a team with now, but then again - I do love my big hats :)

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  3. The minis are very suitable for cdorfs, and I'd love to shamelessly copy what you did, but 36 quid + shipping just to get 6 chaos dwarves is a bit steep for me, and I'm not sure whether I could work out the bulls the way you made them.