Sunday, 2 December 2012

Orcs, orcs, orcs, orcs! Part 3

So far I've shown off the Orc Boyz and Goblins from my recent army commission. To round out this series of Blog Posts, I'll take you through the tough stuff! Black Orcs, Characters, and the Boar Chariot were the elements that filled out this force.

These black orcs were great fun to paint! I was happy with the result of the beaten/ battle damaged look of the armour, which makes them look like grizzled veterans, without being too messy.

Next up we have Udglud 'Eadcrusha astride his fearsome, armour-clad warboar, and Mazdag Ardnut, the Army Standard Bearer. You'll notice that the blending of colours is a little smoother on the Character standard minis - these little touches help the models stand out from the rank and file.
 Battle Standard Bearer Mazdag 'Ardnut glaring menacingly behind his iron mask as he holds aloft the Banner of Mork.
The limited edition Orc Shaman has a lot more skin on display than the rest of the orcs in this army. I didn't want him to look too bright overall, so I picked muted tones for the cloth and wrist straps. Balancing colours like this is an important part of making an army look coherant on the tabletop.

On the Boar Chariot, I painted the boars and crew separately before completing the assembly. This made it much easier to access the hard to reach spots on the mini and overall saved me time with the paint job.

Eadcrusha's Horde in all its glory! Who knows which unsuspecting settlement they'll ransack next?

If you'd like to learn the skills needed to produce an army like this quickly and consistently  our Army Painting Workshop on 26th and 27th  January is for you! Email for more info or to reserve your spot.


Thomas Moore

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