Thursday, 6 December 2012

Lava Lava Everywhere - Custom Blood Bowl

NAF rankings points, peer respect, complete DreadBall teams and a vintage Margaret Thatcher mug were up for grabs at FlameBowl MMXII - but the most hotly (ho ho) sought-after prize was the hyper-limited edition Blood Bowl pitch.

FlameBowl MMXII
The victorious Team Swim - Podfrey, Ambush, Sillysod and Barney.

Tournament Organiser and Blood Bowl nut Nippy Longskar creates a special pitch every year. This year he asked me to craft the fiery boards so he could get on with the important task of making cheese sandwiches.
FlameBowl MMXII 
The FlameBowl board benefits from years of Nippy's gaming insight - the scatter templates are incorporated onto the pitch design, as are Fame and Weather markings. The Weather markings are a further development of last year's design as they now incorporate numbers. 

FlameBowl MMXII 
Thanks to Sally for illustrating the original FlameBowl logo. I stripped it down and incorporated it into the pitch's flamey lava centre. 

FlameBowl MMXII 
Sally also painted the team awarded to highest-scoring individual. I always like seeing teams with rims painted to denote their position.

FlameBowl MMXII 
Here's some people playing on boring grass pitches, but still having fun...

FlameBowl MMXII 
And the charity raffle prize Maggiemug. You could drink tea from it. Or (if you wanted to be like Thatcher herself) lots of scotch.

FlameBowl MMXII 
I hope I get asked to design another custom pitch for FlameBowl MMXIII. I've got a year to think of how to push the flame theme further (Or should I say "fan the flames higher").

Chris "Curis" Webb

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  1. I'd love to know what process you used to make these amazing boards. E-mail me at if you care to share!