Thursday, 22 November 2012

Dwarf on Dwarf action!

Grugnar Silverbeard smites his anvil as the fiendish Chaos Dwarfs prepare to assault his forge.
Lots of Dwarfs around in the studio this week! First up we have new recruit Sally's Warhammer Forge Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard.
"I'm a massive fan of the old skool Chaos Dwarfs, but Warhammer Forge's new models are much more menacing and warlike. There's no comedy with these guys!
I thoroughly enjoyed painting them and particularly enjoyed building up a realistic feel on the scalemail using layered washes. Also, because the armour colour was very dark, I used a gloss finish to really make them pop on the battlefield.
Next up I'm getting stuck into an Iron Daemon from the same range, look out for another blog update on that soon."
Meanwhile, George has recently finished an entire host of Dwarfs of the non twisted variety.
"These were my first big army project at Golem, and I concentrated on keeping them really neat and unified, using a limited colour palette and consistent basing to give the army a coherent feel."
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Mark, Sally and George

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