Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Infilitrating Space Marine

Some Mancunian ruffian(s) sprinkled nails over my carparking space, causing several residents awkward punctures. This required me to do something I've never done before - change a car wheel. It felt incredibly manly. I thought I'd better photograph the occasion to prove that I can be manly.

Curis is two and a half men on his own 

Tommie Soule suggested for added rawr-factor I should do it stripped to the waist.

 I was totally unwaware my car had a spare tyre and a tool kit secreted beneath the boot until this morning. But as I was unscrewing the scissor jack (a term I said to myself loudly to impress on passers-by my manliness) I noticed an oddly familiar sight...
An Epic Alpha Legionnaire 

Yes, a mk6 Epic Space Marine had infiltrated this never-before-seen area of my car. Sorta proof how deeply embedded this hobby is in my life.

Chris "Curis" Webb

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