Thursday, 1 November 2012

Painting DreadBall's Slippery Joe

"Paint it suave" came the instruction from Mantic games. "I do everything suave." I thought to myself, twirling my paintbrush with the sophistication you'd expect from a gentleman such as myself.

DreadBall Slippery Joe 
Slippery Joe's the Goblin MVP from DreadBall Season 1, and it fell to me to bring this Naismith sculpt to life. The brief was "suave" - how to execute this? Joe's defining feature - a fake moustache - is the key. This is a goblin aping an evil vaudevillian, so I should paint his DreadBall armour in a classy fashion - a mock dinner suit, like those comedy shirts you get. DreadBall Slippery Joe 
 My first attempt was a black suit with a white v-shape on the chest. I base-coated the model to see if it would work. Answer was no - the complexity of the model's chest meant the shape was lost. I added a red cummerbund to help break it up - but it wasn't obvious what was going on. 
DreadBall Slippery Joe 
But take off the black jacket revealing the white shirt, and paint part of the DreadBall armour detail like a pinned rose and it comes together. Brief of "suave" executed.

DreadBall Slippery Joe 

We're going to be painting quite a lot of DreadBall for private clients at Golem Painting Studio. Get in touch if you fancy commissioning me to produce an exact copy of the MVP, or any of the of the DreadBall.

Chris "Curis" Webb

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