Monday, 26 November 2012

Mike Newman Speaks...

Chaos Dwarfs

Part 2 - First Army List and Infernal Guard

Afternoon guys,

So I thought for the next part of the Chaos Dwarf series we'd have a look at the first army list I wrote. (you can catch part 1 here -

Generally speaking, after the initial inspiration which sparks an army, which I talked about last time, the army list is the next step for me. Being an avid tournament player, and someone who plays a lot of games, I want to make sure I can create a list which is both;
 a) competitive - I want to win games
and b) fun to play - cause I need to enjoy playing the army across a lot of games without getting bored - just like those chaps you see enjoying their games in the shiny pages of White Dwarf

I wanted to create the army in two parts, a typical hammer and anvil style list. 

The hammers are fast moving hard hitting elements designed to take the fight to the enemy and do the majority of the damage. For this I chose; a unit of 4 Bullcentaurs with great weapons, a Tau'ruk, and a mighty Kdaai Destroyer. These are all capable of posing a number of problems for the enemy.

The anvil is designed to sit back, destroy stuff at range, and then be resolute enough to survive when the enemy hits home. For this task I chose; a Sorcerer-Prophet, a BSB, a Deamonsmith, 27 Infernal Guard with great weapons, 32 Hobgoblin Sneaky Gits, 2 Death Shriekers, a Magma Cannon and 5 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders.

And so onto the Infernal Guard, with test model already done it was a fairly simple task to replicate the colour scheme across the whole unit.

I particularly like the different styles you get across the dwarfs themselves, with the fatter plastic ones, and the skinny evil thinner metal ones. A few of the different metal styles are pictured below.

The command groups features the 'pirate' Chaos Dwarf as champion - one of my favourite models. I also made the decision to use the vintage printed paper banners from the old Chaos Dwarf Army book too, as fitted on the old models.

And that's it until next time, when I plan to talk about the infantry characters, their equipment, and the role they take within the anvil. 

See you then

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